Being a Vegetarian World In 2050

In 2050, you may be forced to become a vegetarian if data from the Swedish water scientists can be trusted. 

According to the Stockholm International Water Institute, “There will not be enough water available to irrigate farmland to produce food for 9 billion people by 2050 if we continue to follow the trend of eating pattern follows the style of the Western countries.” 

Humans are now taking about 20 percent of daily protein from animal products, according to the Guardian newspaper based in London. However, a recent report from the Institute in Stockholm said that the world population should reduce 5 percent of their animal protein in 2050 to accommodate the serious regional water deficit. 

Why can not produce more food? 

“900 million people starving and 2 billion people are malnourished while food production per capita continues to rise,” the report said. “With 70 percent of the water available for agriculture sucked, grow food to feed 2 billion people tambahahan will give a huge burden on the water and land that already exist.” 

So being a vegetarian, according to scientists, is one option to counter the shortage of water. 

“Being a vegetarian can help free up the land to be transferred to the production of food,” writes Orion Jones in “One third of the agricultural land now used to grow crops for animal feed. Addition, animal protein-rich foods absorb 5-10 times more water than a vegetarian diet.” 

The report was launched at the beginning of “Water Week” and the annual water conference in Stockholm. If this report sounds terrible, the fact that the world water situation is already serious. 

According to the World Water Council, 1.1 billion people are living without clean drinking water. 

Even the United States is experiencing its worst drought in a few generations, cost farmers and thwart the national corn harvest. On July 31, nearly 65 percent of the U.S. experiencing drought by the U.S. Drought Trustees. The drought is so severe and the water level is very low, to the point that cities in the Midwest that could arise again accidentally drowned.

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