Sugar Effect In Food

Sugar so one mandatory foodstuffs. Sugar intake is also required by the body. Many say sugar is not good for the body. But what about the actual effects of sugar consumption for the body? Let’s find out about the effects of sugar consumption in the body as reported by Mag for Women:

Sugar is also important for the body

Although it contains no nutrients and vitamins, sugar is a type of carbohydrate that is also a source of energy. When consumed in sufficient quantities of sugar is not harmful to the body. Nutritionists say that the amount of sugar consumed good is 10% of our daily energy needs.

Sugar and obesity

Sugar just like other carbohydrates, meaning that if you consume a lot of sugary foods you hoard a lot of the same carbohydrates in the body. For instance in a 600ml soft drink contained sugar spoon 12-15. But that does not mean sugar directly into the causes of obesity. It depends on how much intake of sugar in the body.



Sugar and tooth decay

Yep foods made from sugar does contribute to tooth decay. Not only that all types of carbohydrates can also damage teeth. Sweet foods can affect dental plaque and also triggers the production of acids that can break down tooth enamel which can cause tooth decay.

Those are some common effects of sugar consumption for the body. Another effect is to increase the sugar glucose levels in the body. Which means even if not directly be the cause of various disease problems but excessive consumption of sugar can lead to diabetes, mental illness and obesity and hyperactivity.

Get started now learning to reduce excessive sugar consumption Dreamers!

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