Suzuki V-Storm ABS


Towards the later appearance at the event in November 2013 EICMA in Milan, Suzuki V-Strom specifications 1000 ABS 2014 began circulating in the public. Suzuki intentionally created to challengeHyperstrada Ducati in the world market.

Actually, the concept has been widely circulated in the past year but this is the first time Suzuki started to publish that coincides with the Le Mans race in 2013 some time ago. Detail, among others, states that the V-Strom uses a base V-Twin engine.

Suzuki V-Strom carrying capacity of 1037cc, DOHC configured V-Twin, EFI (Electric Fuel Injection), cooled liquids that can generate power 100 hp/8000 rpm with torque reaching 103 Nm/4000 rpm.This machine is claimed to be able to cover a distance of 16 km per liter.

Almost the same with the other windshield air-Moge, belonging to the V-Storm can also set height and tilt. His saddlebags (box) itself consists of 3 pieces, the left-hand side and the right rear, and each one has a different volume. Box left volume 29 liters, 26 liters to the right, and 35 liters for the center.

V-Strom comes with several digital technologies, among others, are on the speedometer panel that blends nicely with analog indicator. Additionally lamp stop lamp LED technology to reinforce its sector.

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