Pakistan Earthquake Island


Small island in the Arabian sea appeared, near Pakistan after an earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale predicted would not last long. The content that is in this small island, ranging from rock, sand and mud is believed to be lost by the sea in the next few months.

Marine biologists from the National Institute of Oceanography Pakistan, Mohammad Danish said several teams of experts have mngunjungi ‘small island’ is directly to do the analysis. The results are found to contain methane on the surface of the small island.

“Our team discovered the bubbles that rise to the surface of the island is biased triggers fire when a lit cigarette and we prohibit our team to light the fire. It’s methane gas, “says Danish.

The small island that appeared in locations as far as 200 meters from the shoreline has a height of about 18-21 meters. While the width at 91 meters with a length of 36 meters.

This island is a solid surface, but the content in it is not. A mixture of rocks, sand, mud and water with a number of existing gaps seen mebentuk mound this island.

An earthquake expert propagators University of Melbourne, Australia, Gary Gibson said the small island was formed from volcanic mud. Methane gas that is in the trigger volcanic material that is nearby to rise to the top during strong vibration when the earthquake struck.


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