Makati City



Manila heard called, what comes to mind is the atmosphere like the capital Jakarta with all the congestion and pollution. Until the time I visited the capital of the Philippines last month and stay in Makati area. Shadow had vanished early.

Makati is the business hub of the Manila-Jakarta Like the golden triangle – with an area of ​​approximately 28 square kilometers. Landed on Sunday morning and check-in at 7:00, I can see how the sidewalk along Makati swept and watered soapy water. The sidewalks are free of the street food vendors. Comfortable strolling pedestrians.

Waders running order on the pavement is provided, wade through a crosswalk or pedestrian bridges available. Although marked with a red traffic light long enough, they patiently wait for green light. If there is a violation, they just smile look orderly. The driver of the car was still stopped and motioned impatiently’s waders.

At some point in Makati are the gardens that are not too big but enough to add comfort, especially during the summertime. Plus shade plants and plant roadside path separator. Visible police guard in every corner of the area complete with a rifle.

As a business district, Makati busy with the activities of the business. Hotels are spread even posted a high level of occupancy on weekdays. The price offered is cheaper on weekends and sometimes accompanied by a variety of paid promos such as two nights and the third night free.

Bottlenecks do exist in Makati, especially on a weekday in a number of major roads. Taxi can be found with ease where a long queue waiting at home during the hours of employment. Each entry into the taxi, do not forget to ask the driver turn on the meter which starts from 40 pesos and make sure the driver does not turn it off in the middle of the journey.

Too many malls in Makati. Malls Greenbelt 1 to 5, 1 to 5 Mall Glorietta, Landmark, SM Malls, and other mall into a visit if staying in the Makati area. Fun, between the mall connected to the shady garden so that visitors comfortably across from mall to mall.

Problem culinary, for Muslims who are looking for halal food, there were no major problems. Unlike in Manila who need a little struggle. In Makati can be found a few restaurants serving halal food diet comes from India like New Bombay contained in Ayala center and in some food court, from Persian as Persia Grill, or may try to corner that sells potato fries seasoned with a variety of flavors such as barbeque, cheese, and other acids.

In the foodcourt can also find booths selling a variety of juices. Coconut is known as Buko can be found everywhere. Try buying buko buko fruitas in shop that sells whole coconut, coconut water packaged in a bottle, buko shakes and smoothies buko (coconut meat mixed with other fruit). Another option is selling Magic Fruit juice fruits with menu options that the average mixing fruit with a choice of five different colors.

If a visit to Manila on Sunday, stop into the Legazpi Sunday Market is open from 7 am until 2 pm. There can be found a variety of tents selling food, vegetables, fruits, souvenirs and clothing. If lucky-tent rental not necessarily exist in every Sunday – there were tents selling Indonesian food such as fried rice, ointment,, sambal, egg and chilli eggplant. Seller Filipina women who had lived in Indonesia for more than 20 years.

Evenings can be spent in Makati sitting in the cafe or restaurant in greenbelt park. We can enjoy a variety of music from each restaurant, looking at the people passing by or use the facilities free wifi. If you need peace, able to walk a bit to the middle of the park and sit on the benches provided. Safe.

Makati is different from the suburban areas that seem solid. Makati is located in Singapore seemed to be in complete with all the martinet.

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