Children Crying Without Tears


it normal children crying crying but no tears?

Dr. Titis Prawitasari, Sp. A (K), parts of Pediatrics Faculty of medicine / RSCM Sub Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases Specialist explained that this condition indicates a symptom of lack of body fluids or dehydration in children.

“Dehydration in children can be seen from the weight loss. Every decrease of 1 kg means that 1 liter of fluid is reduced on the child’s body., And compared to adults, children need a lot more fluid,” said dr. Titis in an event held Pocari Sweat some time ago.

According dr.Titis, to know the children become dehydrated very easily. Not only cause intense thirst, dehydration is also easily recognizable physical kid.

If the child is malnourished, further dr. Bead, looks very skinny body, but in children less fluid is visible from the eyelids and the crown of the head is concave, Turgon down (stomach pinched and will long to return to the initial conditions), crying without tears, and infrequent urination.

“Also remember that when a child is given a drink to relieve thirst but instead taking little water and make it weak, it indicates that the child had suffered severe dehydration,” added dr. Bead.

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