Danger Cotton Bud


Itching in the ear is one sign of a disturbance in the ear, which can include: 
1. Outer ear canal infections 
2. Allergy 
3. Dirt in the ear 

Outer ear canal infections caused by fungus, known in medical terms as otomikosis. The disease is often found in tropical countries like Indonesia. 

The ear consists of the ear, outer ear, middle, and deep. A third part of the outer ear contains glands that produce ear wax or wax that creates acidic, so bacteria and fungus can not live. Wax are depleted or driven too deep can cause the outer ear canal condition becomes alkaline. This will cause the fungus to flourish. 

Therefore, avoid using soap to clean the ears, and avoid cleaning the ear canal with a cotton bud itself, because it can cause the ear wax further pushed into and there is a risk due to irritation of the ear scrape too hard and deep. 

Under normal circumstances, have a mechanism to clean the ear by itself, because ear wax and bits of skin cell turnover will result into the outer portion of the ear itself. Usually the doctor just advice to clean the ear and the outer hole. 

Besides infection, itching can also be caused by allergic reactions and the presence of ear wax. Itching is usually caused by an allergic reaction not only to the ear. Usually it will also appear allergic reactions such as skin redness and itchy or swollen eyes.

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