Game Ghost Buster Indonesia


A student of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) to make a horror game called Ghaib. The theme of local, weapon ghost repellent enough reciting the Quran. Games are made ​​for two years was quite exciting and thrilling.

Game made ​​Satrio Dewantono, 21, was being exhibited at the National Student performance show and Information Technology (Gemastik) in ITB which took place on Wednesday – Thursday, October 10 to 11 2012. Game three-dimensional (3D) was also qualified as a finalist in the category of the game at the event. A number of people queuing up to watch and play in the West Campus Center ITB.

Unseen consists of 6 levels. Each level is still strung in a single story, set in a different place. Among others in the forest, health centers, and cemeteries. “The ghost was kuntilanak, pocong, and palasik (flying head),” he said at the ITB, Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

The story of the game begins and Alya Pledge brothers who had a car accident during the night. Both are then separated at the crash site near the forest. Players who became Pledge, trying to find Alya.

Search was breathtaking. Only armed with a flashlight and a book of the Qur’an which is always open in the right hand, the player must confront the ghosts at the site. When you hear the sound of a loud laugh kuntilanak for example, the figure is still hard to find.

In such situations, there is a short verse by seayat letter laya Koran under such subtitles to the movies or television. Arab lettered paragraph it should read correctly to keep distance and ghost attacks. Satrio include 10 letters short berayat (juz amma).

Tensions emerged each time a ghost came and always from behind. I was so scared, there are players who forgot to read scripture. Within seconds, the ghost will close and end the game. “This game also train people to read the Koran,” said student Information Engineering ITB 2009 was.

The idea of the game came when Satrio holding the Koran when I want to make a different game. “I think the devil wear opponents called the Koran,” he said. Since two years ago, he made ​​the game in his rented room at Jalan Ismail Tubagus. The day he spent an average of 4 hours. Sometimes he skipped class so fun making program.

The gameplay also spent money USD 2.5 million production is not sold. He frees anyone who likes to download it

In addition, there is another game called Mosquito paralyzed. Game artificial Ekaputra Nanda, Student Information Engineering ITB 2009, it invites players waved his hand to turn off the mosquitoes on the game screen.The game is to wear a set of tools which consists of a camera manufacturer and sensors.

Game players take it prohibits tapping a mustachioed man who slept in the middle of the room. If exposed and bitten mosquitoes, lives intact totaling 20 players each level will shrink. If clean, the lives of players will continue to grow. The winner of the longest playing while swatted with one or two hands.

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