First, we start first with understanding dyslexia. There are many definitions of dyslexia, but generally adopted are: the fundamental disturbance processes associated with reading. 

Figures dyslexia in developed countries is about 15%, but no study in our country. Dyslexia is more common in boys. It remains to be further explored what causes it, but gender is not a risk factor for dyslexia. 

Children with dyslexia usually experience the following: 
– There is a delay in the production of language (speech) 
– There is a difficulty in articulation / pronunciation when speaking 
– There is difficulty in remembering letters, numbers, or colors 

To diagnose dyslexia, we must examine the children of various aspects of reading, speaking, language, and hearing evaluations. Evaluation of the psychological condition of the child had to be done.

Treatment of this condition is to intervene in education, for example, with word games, combining aspects of the sound and the child must write the speech sounds. Interaction with computers can also help the development of dyslexic children.

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