Noodles Product Origin South Korea Contain Carcinogen


Philippine authorities ordered the withdrawal of six South Korean noodle brands from some of the local shops after they were reported to contain chemicals that cause cancer.


Food and Drug Administration said in a statement on Thursday that the number of noodles made ​​by Nongshim Co., “will be withdrawn,” and called on the public to report if the products are still being sold.


“The government also conducts inspections, collection and testing of other noodle brands that are not currently identified contaminated as a precautionary measure,” said a statement on its website of the institution.


Philippine Board said that its South Korean partner found that six contaminated brand “benzopyrene, a carcinogenic chemical potential” in tests testing.


The statement did not say whether the agency has tested the Philippines Nongshim brand itself.


China, Taiwan and Vietnam, all reported also to withdraw South Korean noodle brand of the same concerns about the associated health hazards are similar.

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