Price of the White House

U.S. President Barack Obama will likely be happy to know that the White House values ​​skyrocket. 

Online research by property website Zillow estimate, the historic presidential residence and is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is now worth $ 249 million (approximately Rp2, 84 trillion), up seven per cent of the time Barack Obama was first occupied in 2009. 

Even better than the selling price of the average home nationally fell by 5.3 percent in the same period to $ 156 200 (about R1, 5 billion), the increase is lower than other dwelling residence in the neighborhood of the White House in Washington , DC. 

The study overall found, the value in the Washington DC home sales rose by 13.6 percent over the last four years. 

Stan Humphries, Zillow economist, said that the White House, whose value had reached $ 299.9 million (approximately Rp2, 89 trillion) in July 2006 was not just a house, it is a symbol of America. 

“Overall, the selling price of the White House for four years failed to match the rate of increase in house prices in the city of Washington DC, but it is because the city of Washington as a whole is the environment that surrounds the White House,” said Stan. “A rose by seven per cent since the beginning of 2009 far exceeded the average national house price increases at the same time, and many homeowners will be quite happy with a gain of seven percent of the investment they do in 2009.” 

The researchers calculated that if a potential buyer wants to retain the White House for 30 years, with a fixed mortgage rate, monthly cost, including taxes, insurance, basic needs and interest, then he will spend $ 1,130,832 (approximately Rp10, 9 billion). 

Renting a house with a vast part of the approximately 16,764 square meters with a total of 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 16 bedrooms, three kitchens, and an area of approximately 7.28 hectares could even get an incredible income. The research project states that the cost of renting the residence of the president could reach $ 1.75 million (about Rp16, 8 billion) during the month. 

To determine the projection, from the Zillow team comprised of statisticians, initially looking at the physical characteristics of the building, and then calculate the selling price of the most expensive home in Washington, DC as well as other historic homes in the area that have recently sold. They then calculated the historical value of similar homes that do not beitu much historical value. 

The statisticians at Zillow regard, the White House was the residence of the country’s most historic and has a high historical value among similar models to determine the residence of the final value.

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