Unique Facts Bra

Bra is underwear that complicated. His job supporting, formed parts and tease. Here are excerpts from the historical facts bra. 

100: The number of fringe bra covering breasts Hera (Greek goddess), which he used to distract Zeus from the Trojan War in “The Iliad” by Homer. 

1858: This year, a Brooklyn woman found an insert, made ​​of wire windings and bearings, to corsets that make the chest look bigger. He filled pads with bark, grass or hair, which he believed sweat resistant. 

1950s: The first century where miniset for teens made. 

1907: This year the word “Brassiere” first appeared in Vogue magazine, as a reference for breast shaper undergarments are worn in addition to the bodice. Four years later, Macy’s opened a store Brassiere. 

22: Age actress Clara Bow when he’s not wearing a bra in the movie “It” in 1927. “His chest looks stand out with it,” said one of the characters in the scene when Clara nipple visible through her shirt. 

1943: Year when producer Howard Hughes gives accentuate cleavage bra for actress Jane Russell after complaining on the set of “The Outlaw”, “We’re not quite able to explore Jane breasts while filming.” 

45: 45 years later Russell said in his biography that he had given Hughes hates bras uncomfortable when worn, tossed it into the back of her bed and wearing a bra instead he perfected himself. But what made Jane Russell bra, bra braces, which became known as the “bra that saved Hollywood.” 

400: Approximately 400 women protested the Miss America 1968 pageant to dump stuff they think torturing women – Playboy magazine, shoe heels and a bra in the trash. Their intent was to burn all that stuff, but the police prevented them. From there, the term “bra burning” or burn bras. 

1977: This year, designers ‘jock bra’ (now known as Jog Bra) was inspired to make a bra out of form and function jockstrap, underwear sport localized to protect the male genitalia. 

1990: This year Jean Paul Gaultier designed a bra taper for a third tour of Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition”. 

15,000: Number of bras sold three days after Oprah Winfrey inaugurate Enell sports bra in 2001. 

5: Rating Wonderbra, with a padded bra to accentuate cleavage were introduced in the 1990s, the top 50 best inventions of all time a Canadian version of the Canadian Broadcasting Company in 2007. Pacemakers it is at number 6. 

10: 10 years ago the average American bra size is 36 C. Right now, 36 DD. 

104: Episode “Seinfeld” when Kramer and George Constanza’s father, Frank, worked together to create a bra and men arguing whether to call it “the bro” or “the manssiere”. 

12.5 million U.S. dollars (about USD 119 billion): Value Heavenly Star Bra from Victoria’s Secret, designed in 2001, which is still the most expensive bra ever made. In the middle of the bra is a piece of 90-carat emerald diamond worth 10.6 million U.S. dollars (about Rp101 billion). 

67.6: Percentage of women who say the 1995 survey that they would buy a new bra for a special occasion. 

80: Percentage of women wear the wrong bra size, according to experts. 

2012: Year when the two former Microsoft employees develop algorithms to match the size of the bra. The customer’s True & Co. just answer a survey online and be matched with a bra.Catchphrase: “There is no dressing room. There is no tape. “

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