Samsung Internal Documents


As part of the argument against Samsung in California courts, attorneys Apple has shown an internal Samsung documents to the judge yesterday. This important document discusses the similarity of the Galaxy S smartphone series outputs South Korean companies with the iPhone.

Apple’s lawyers managed to fit 132 pages thick document as evidence against one of Samsung in courts hear cases of copyright infringement. Document, the original Korean language, it contains an explanation and comparison of features with the features of the Galaxy S phones with rivals iPhone, which Apple.

Documents created by a team of engineers gradually Samsung describes the front view, browser, default application of these two competing phones. In each item, a team of engineers Samsung lists what should dilakuka the future.

The bottom line, according to the team, the Galaxy S, which is referred to as S1, must be made ​​as closely as possible the look and how it works with the iPhone. This document, if proven true, could be the foundation for this allegation Apple management that management deliberately mimic Samsung all-out all the excellent features of the iPhone.

So far, Samsung’s lawyers are trying to build an argument that the emergence of touch-screen technology revolutionized the world of hardware to be similar to the iPhone.

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