Year End Shopping Tips


Entering the final month of the year, such as the shopping temptation irresistible. All shops, boutiques and malls put the label “Sale, year-end discounts, further reduction,” or “clearance.” Tempting faith of all people to approach the store. 

However, before tempted to buy all items discounted 70%, I have learned to resist the urge to go crazy shopping. 

There is a rule of shopping at the discount end of the year I learned from a friend who has now confessed shopaholic and have turned into smart shopper. Their advice, no need to avoid entering the mall, because sometimes the dream hunt object at the end of the year discount is profitable. Here are some of the knowledge I absorbed from them: 

Do not underestimate the brochure 
Take advantage of the brochure that was circulated, because who knows stuff that you seek in the brochure. The price written on it can be used as a guide when comparing it to other stores. 

Many shops, boutiques or certain brands that work with credit cards in the form of promo. This is usually listed in the brochure. Take advantage of this as well. No one refused to discount a few dollars extra, or can pay by installments with zero percent over the past few months, or use credit card points for a cheaper price. 

Time for shopping bag 
Why suitcase? For those of you who are traveling this thing is definitely needed. Learning from experience, not all airport baggage treat us with care. 

My experience is that out of the proceeds to buy a new suitcase saving a few months, immediately saddened to find new suitcase out of the conveyor belt has been stained black and scratches here and there due to a slam. Want to get angry, can not seem to put it into smooth. Finally I took the suggestion of a friend that is smart shopper luggage suitcase should be purchased at a discount. 

Buy a suitcase when the price is already discounted 70 percent, so their advice. To me that does traveling 8-10 times a year, because prices cheap suitcase, I do not have pain when I have to replace a new one 2 years. Especially for luggage in the cabin, please choose your favorite brand is a mainstay. 

Shopping make-up that will expire only 
End of the year is usually crowded at cosmetic stores. All women gather to buy up the product because it is usually accompanied by a series of huge discounts, bonus additional products, or attracted by the particular gift. 

The trick is, avoid first tempted by offers products purchased in a set. My experience proves, from 5 to 10 products in one set makeup or skin care products, most likely only half of it will be used until exhausted. The rest is just a decoration on the dresser. 

Before leaving the mall, first check your makeup bag. Objects which will be expired in 2 months. Do not pity with good color of lipstick on your lips, but your lips skin care. 

When you have passed expiration dates, lip skin health can not be guaranteed. While at the store buying cosmetic products in accordance with the list that you have created. But that does not mean you do not need to see the products that are sold in a set, who knows all the contents in the list that you created. Because I’ve bought a gift set consisting of all the make up that I wear. And I’m saving up to 80 percent! 

Hunting gadgets, this is their moment! 
I was one who always update about gadget. But I am not one to put prestige in order to always be the first users of the latest gadgets. Normally I would wait for the end of the year, because a lot of dealers and resellers offering discounts or bonuses gave interesting. In addition, the series typically latest gadgets will appear in the next year, so the previous series down in price.

New clothes bought over Christmas 
Welcoming Christmas Day, usually scattered discount clothing store. But if you are observant enough, the day after Christmas discounts continue and the price is also lowered. The same thing applies when Lebaran. The difference when shopping in December, the sellers also use the final moments of the year to clear their warehouse, because next season the clothes collection Spring / Summer next year is coming and need a place to be stored. 

Do not forget to visit the bookstore 
Indeed, there is never a right time to buy a book, especially if you are like me, who immediately bought the book so know the book is already in your favorite stores. 

But the end of the year at a discount book store not to be missed. This is the time to buy expensive books and already you seek, because at this moment the biggest discounts issued. It is also the right time to complete the trilogy or saga collection that have not been purchased, or purchase another favorite book is lost or borrowed but never returned. Usually bookstore gives extra discounts for members loyal customers. Take advantage of this. 

A new year needs a new perfume 
I think the new look in the New Year it is important. Since I am not the type who likes to cut hair in the style of an extreme or change the style of makeup, I prefer a new perfume to start in January. 

In addition to encouragement, more cost-effective at the end of the year. Purchase in packages. In addition to cheaper, usually accompanied by a miniature perfume gift fit cosmetic bag for easy portability. 

In the perfume package usually contains shower gel, lotion, or other equally flavorful. I often use this package as a gift for a friend. In addition, sometimes there is also a promo buy 1 get 1 free male version of the same perfume. Now you do not need to be confused to find a gift for dad, best friend or spouse. 

Hunting branded goods wisely 
For me, buying designer goods took a long time thinking and of course the time to save money. Well, at the end of the year is usually the consumer again as we are spoiled with discount offers. The goods we seek we can get a cheaper price, and sometimes there are interesting promo cards. 

The trick is, there came a discount begins on the first day. Usually, these discounts vary. Begin by looking at the biggest discount. Unlike department stores, branded goods not write big price discount as well.You need to ask the saleslady. 

For me, buying a bag or purse, you should avoid overly trendy models. I tend to choose the model that can still be used 10 years from now. 

Buying electronics must also be planned 
Special discounts for electronic devices such as cameras, televisions, DVD player, or laptop is also tempting at the end of the year. Again, this stuff needs may be met with a slightly tilted, and it could be interesting plus bonuses. 

Before buying a new one, think about it going to do with the old electronic items. Sometimes there is also a new promo discount rate, the surrender of the old stuff such as dvd player used, then add a little money to get a new one. Promotions like these can be used. 

Time to peek vehicle dealers 
Well, the end of the year is a great time to visit the car dealer. For me, the less painstaking care vehicle, 5 years is enough time to start thinking replacing it with a new, for the warranty period is over and if there is more damage I think the money would better be spent later advances new car warranty. But that principle is more thinking about my personal vehicle functions. 

On the other hand, there’s no harm in finding out the end of dealer discounts are sometimes very large vehicle, because they have to spend this year’s stock, because there is a new type that will be sold in the next year. So, do not forget to check your vehicle kilometers each year end arrives.

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