Effect of Alcohol Against Sexual Activity

Drinking alcoholic beverages is believed to help sexual activity.

According to experts, alcohol can help make a person more relaxed and feel more sexy.

Unfortunately, alcohol also triggered a number of problems in your sex life.

Launched by DNAIndia (9/1), alcohol can inhibit the central nervous system associated with sexual arousal and orgasm.

All this is very important to feel relaxed and smooth peradaran blood to vital organs that help achieve pleasure.

In addition, alcohol causes dehydration of the body, whereas sexual desire requires a sufficient amount of blood to carry oxygen and a great sensation in the genitals. This will relate to the erection in men and lubrication in women.

Lack of fluids in the body also makes depressed nervous system. As a result, the body must struggle with sexual performance.

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol also causes difficulty reaching orgasm, delayed ejaculation and vaginal dryness problem.

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