Fossils of Ancient Man Aged 800 Years

Mexican Archaeologists discovered the bones of 12 children and adults were buried 800 years ago, said an expert from the National Institute of Anthropology and History, told AFP.


Skeleton was found when archaeologists overseeing the installation of new drainage systems in Cholula, a town located in 120 kilometers north of the capital city of Mexico.


The first skull was found at the site on December 8, and until Thursday, the experts identified the remains of 12 individuals.


The bones were buried just a few inches below the asphalt, said archaeologist Ashuni Romero Butron, who added that “fortunately they are not damaged by erosion.”


He said most of the 12 order is still incomplete, and gender will be determined by laboratory analysis.


Ethnic origin also remains undetermined, although Romero said that 800 years ago the area was the home of the Tolteca-Chichimeca culture and Olmeca-Xicalanca.


Last April, another burial site with 17 old skeleton was also discovered about 700 years.

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