3 Tips to Buying Jeans Trousers


1. Note jeans pocket detail on the back, as this will greatly affect the overall appearance. If your butt thin, choose jeans are a little crowded in the back to help increase the volume of your rear area. And conversely, if you have enough volume in the back, do not choose jeans that rear ornate and crowded, stay with the simple ones. The formula is, the more crowded the pocket shape and ornament decorating, growing volumes in the area. Stay adjust to the shape of their bodies. 

2. Try it first before buying. Because the material is very thick and there’s jeans are made of stretch material, so it is highly recommended to try first because it could be the size that we use larger or smaller than it should be, depending on the material. Buying directly at the store is safer than buying at online stores, unless you buy from a brand and know for sure the size of your jeans. Another advantage of buying jeans directly in physical stores is that you can also try wearing jeans in a state of sitting, squatting, and bending, so it’s nice to know if the jeans worn on your body. 

3. Height also have an influence. If you’re petite, better avoid bright colors because bright colors will only clarify your short legs. But this is all returned to their choice, if you are confident enough, go ahead. For example, we can see Hilary Duff, despite his small stature, he remains confident using light-colored jeans. Inversely with Khloe Kardashian has great height and posture.


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