Treating Leukemia With HIV

Team doctors said the United States was able to save a seven-year-old girl who nearly dying of leukemia by pioneering an ally that does not make sense: a modified form of the HIV virus. After battling the disease with chemotherapy for almost two years and twice relapse, she was “facing the prospect of bad,” said the doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Since February of this year that they had agreed to put children in an experimental program that “putting out fire with fire”. Assisted with the HIV virus whose genes have been changed. Removal of destructive element that causes AIDS, the doctors had to change her immune cells themselves become a formidable force to drive out leukemia “aggressive”.

The girl named Emily Whitehead, the first child and is one of many people as a whole who were officially named CTLO19 therapy. The hospital said the child was not yet called “a magic bullet.”

However, she found success in the medical team. His first reason, millions of the natural immune system cells that girl removed. Then the modified HIV virus used to bring new genes that will bring the body’s immune cells and help her find and then attack cancer cells that were previously able to slip “under the radar”, said the boy’s Hospital on the site.

Finally, the immune cells that have amplified it sent back to do his job. “The researchers have creates a guide that locks the missile target and kill B cells, thus giving up the B cell leukemia,” said team doctor.

Stephen Grupp pediatric oncologist, who treated the girl said, explaining that there was no danger of AIDS during ongoing therapy. “The way we send the new genes into the T cells is to use a virus. The virus was developed from the HIV virus, but all parts of the HIV virus that can lead to disease has been eliminated, “said Grupp in an e-mail.

“It may not be exposed to HIV or other infections, all that remains is the property that allows the HIV virus to enter the new genes into the cells.” During the treatment, she was sick and was in Emergency Care Unit. The developments indicate that the procedure can be risky. However, most drugs that block the immune reaction was used without interfering with the action of anti-leukemia, and the child eventually recovered, the hospital said.

The results of the therapy was “perfect” and best of all that is done, the doctors said, because of a strengthened immune shield continues to “persist in the patient’s body to protect it from relapsing.” “He does not have leukemia in his body at all tests that we can do , even the most sensitive tests, “said Grupp told ABC television. “We need to monitor further developments in the next few years before we thought she was cured or not. It’s still too early to say that. “

Emily’s parents, Kari and Tom told the hospital that the operation’s success has changed the world. Without more chemotherapy which made her lose all her hair, the boy was now back at school, take a walk with her dog Lucy and play ball. “T-cell therapy is the only option available for Emily,” said Tom.

Grupp said the children’s hospital at the site earlier that cell therapy might be able to replace bone marrow transplant procedures are painful and expensive, a recent standard defense against cancer.

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