Microsoft Indonesia Focus To Retail

Microsoft Corporation launched its latest operating system, Windows 8. The challenge facing Microsoft is not easy, that is piracy. Microsoft Indonesia provides a number of strategies to increase sales, such as the focus in the field of retail business. The following description of Andreas Diantoro, President of Microsoft Indonesia.

Work into Microsoft Indonesia president director difficult. Microsoft wants to be number one in Indonesia? Dominate the market? We already. If that’s all we are. If that is the target, I do not need to venture into Microsoft Indonesia president director.

What is more important to me, how that our products and services can be used properly by the community. Micorsoft’s mission is twofold. First, make the Indonesian people to be more productive in life. Second, make the people of Indonesia sejahter. Therefore, all business activities and we aim to make the mission was accomplished, with the technology and best practices that we have.

A lot of what we have done, mainly related to entrepreneurship. Now, Windows had a market. Windows 8 to have Windows Store currently has Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone Store.

We routinely provide consultation, advice to software developers, including professional, amateur, and student. The goal, how they can create software based on Microsoft technologies.

Their software prices are not expensive, ranging from Rp 8,000 to Rp 10,000 per piece of software. The most expensive is only Rp 20,000. software can be downloaded directly from the internet or from smartphones that use the Windows operating system by cutting pulse.

But it’s a cheap software, such as Rp 10,000 for software developers is extraordinary value. There are 600 million Windows users in the world. If there are one million Indonesian children made downloading software, it can get Rp 10 billion. This is an example of digital entrepreneurship.

In the field of traditional entrepreneurship, we also offer solutions. For example, for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), five months ago we released Office 365 software products. If the software is usually purchased at a price of about Rp 1 million to Rp 1.5 million each software, it can be rented by the Office 365 SMEs with tariff ranging from Rp 36,000 per month.

They not only got the software, but also got a business site, e-mail itself. In fact, the service from Microsoft for 24 hours, seven days a week.

There is also a Microsoft product, Azure, allowing SMEs entrust its business platform. For example, SMEs who want bsinis online do not bother to build infrastructure, data center, and so on. Give to Microsoft only. The fee each month, according to the usage and capacity.

In addition, there are other programs, such as Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC). It’s like Microsoft’s development laboratory in collaboration with the University of Indonesia (UI), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Bina Nusantara University (Binus), and Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH). If there were in Yogyakarta SMEs who want to have an online business, can come to MIC UGM, the system will be created.

There are also programs for start-ups, such as BizSpark devoted to online business or software developer. Then, there are various series of regular events, such as seminars, training, and so on Microsoft products. For example, for teachers. In this activity, we mengeukasi that 63% of pirated products always contain malware or some sort of reconnaissance program (spyware). This program is going to steal the identity of the users of pirated products.

All that could well be the solution of our biggest challenges, namely piracy. Microsoft Office products in Indonesia could reach 97%. Very large? However, only 10% are using genuine Microsoft products.

If piracy or piracy rate turu 1%, I have been very happy. To achieve that figure is very difficult, even though we have strived from segiu education, push, and all sorts of ways that I described with the aim of reducing the piracy rate. Of all the computers in Indonesia, currently, about 87% contained pirated software.

The biggest challenge others, and I think the main problem is finding the right person for the Microsoft. People do a lot, but finding the right Microsoft was very difficult.

With two major challenges, I wanted to push more Microsoft online services and retail business or consumer. Our sales almost 80% are commercial. Commercial that means large companies and SMEs.

Usually when we talk big company, means commercial business. To them, the method of selling one to one relationship. If the term in marketing, below the line. Concrete steps, sales through seminars, various forums, such as the executive forum. CEO forum, or technology forum.

For the consumer, yet many portions. Cause, first, because of piracy. Second, because before I did not know anyone consumer sector. Thus, the direction of the leader before me, just focus on the commercial sector. If I, both commercial and consumer understanding, as I am an Indonesian who had 18 years in this business.

Why important consumer? Approximately 248 million people in Indonesia’s consumers. Indonesia’s economic growth of 6.5% per year. Of the growth rate, about 60% is consumer spending. If you do not follow the trend of the retail business, Microsoft will be missed. The Indonesian people is enormous, if we did not participate, saying once.

The growth of the retail sector is the biggest opportunity. Market is huge. But, many people do not know where to buy genuine Microsoft products. They just know, buy a computer in Mangga Dua.

Intend to buy the original, but the alternative offered is very much. Not so buy the original. Therefore, if the consumer can be taken as far as possible from Mangga Dua.

Therefore, in June 2013 I’m targeting about 500 retail stores that partner we could have official standing. We also are reviewing Microsoft Store creation to strengthen sales in the retail sector. Indeed, I can not be sure when the store Micorsoft start up because it is still in the discussion of our discourse.

Then, we continue to strengthen the promotion. You can see our promotion in six months. The cost is enormous, the tens of billions. In January and February rather quiet. We will increase the promotion again in March or May.


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