Increase IOS Quality Maps

Apple reportedly will work with Foursquare to integrate multiple social network’s location data into maps iOS Maps. Apple’s move was in response to competing map services like Google Maps.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Apple is trying to use local data provided by Foursquare Labs to improve the maps application, iOS Maps.

Several sources said Senior Vice President of Online Services Eddy Cue Apple met with popular social services in a few days. Unfortunately the details of the discussion are unknown or when the second meeting of the company was done.

Until now, the Apple still continue to improve iOS Maps. Cue called’m trying hard to fix the Apple forum after he took control of the project when the Chief iOS Scott Forstall resign.

Although there is no official confirmation from both parties, Foursquare can be called to provide a number of business listings, user tips, and experiences to help boost popular iOS Maps. Integration with social services could allow iPhone and iPad users to “check in” at various locations.


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