Good Children More Popular

Either intentionally act will make children more popular among the association, as revealed in a study. A team of researchers from the University of California, Riverside, USA, commissioned a number of children to do three good deeds every pecan in four weeks.

After four weeks, it turns out the child is happier and preferably classmates. According to the researchers, whether simple actions can make a child more acceptable to peers and may even prevent bullying or demeaning pressure.

The results were published in the scientific journal PLoS One says the action was good not only with fellow friends at school, but also to the mother at home. For example, good action reported by the child include “hugging mother when she was stressed because of work” or “share a lunch with someone” or “clean the floor”.

The study involved approximately 400 students aged nine to eleven years who were asked to perform three good deeds and good actions are recorded. “Before a period of four weeks, we asked each student circle the name of the friend of the class they want to do things with,” says lead researcher Dr. Kristin Layous. After a four-week study period, the child was then asked again to choose a friend.

“The finding that most appeals to me is the simple positive actions can enhance relationships between friends.” Dr. Layous added to enhance social relationships among children through this simple way, the school can eradicate bullying.

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