The Raid and Indonesian Martial Art

On 23 March 2012 kitschy, “The Raid” officially screened in theaters. Not only in Indonesia, but also in Australia, Canada, and the United States. This film is phenomenal and getting quite a lot of praise from the international community. Screened at international film festivals such as the Toronto Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival and Busan Film Festival. 

When the Dublin International Film Festival, “The Raid” received the title as Best Film. When aired in the United States, Hollywood stars also helped watch and praise this film, like Paris Hilton, Denzel Washington, and Jason Statham, actor “The Expendables” and “Transporter”. 

Ability action actor “The Raid” was invited interest in the Hollywood film industry. Iko Uwais and Joe Taslim, got a chance to play Hollywood movie. Iko, believed to Hollywood star Keanu Reeves to compete in the new film. Joe Taslim, come into play in the “Fast and Furious 6” with Vin Diesel. 

Following the success of “The Raid”, Merantau Films will make a sequel to the movie “The Raid 2: punk”. Films Merantau met at the headquarters in Jakarta on Thursday (20/12), director Gareth Evans with producer Aryo Sagantoro told Yahoo! OMG! a little glimpse of “The Raid 2: punk”. Gareth Evans, who, though devoid of Indonesia, admitted he helped proud to carry the Indonesian martial arts martial arts to popular abroad.

What are the challenges for the filming of “The Raid 2”? 
Gareth Evans: Expectations. That was the biggest challenge. Once at “The Raid” First, people do not know what it would be like that movie, so we can deliver a shock to the audience. But for “The Raid 2”, the surprise factor was gone reactors. One expects the film will look like. 

Like what is the difference when making “The Raid 2”? 
Gareth Evans: We currently feel quite a lot of pressure. If “The Raid” Our first was made just for our own self-satisfaction, not to consider the opinions spectators. But for the sequel this time, even Iko Uwais also had to ask this to me, how people will respond with “The Raid 2”. I say to him, we do not have to think about the subjective audience, we make it like the first time “The Raid” first. 

The story of “The Raid 2” is still associated with the first? 
Gareth Evans: Yes. The story started from the first day when the movie “The Raid” the first finished. The difference is in the length of time in this movie. If in “The Raid” first all happened in one day, “The Raid 2” will last for three or four years. So later the story will be more, the character will grow, the challenge will be higher. 

For the production process, more troublesome than “The Raid” first? 
Aryo Sagantoro: Definitely! So much we have not done before. Here’s the challenge. As if we watch movies overseas first series, then exit the sequel, we certainly have more hope. 

We want to show the pictures that have never been shown before. Nothing on “Going away”, not on “The Raid”. Movie “Going away” it’s full of fight scenes with bare hands, to survive. While at “The Raid”, killed or murdered. Now for “The Raid 2”, no car scene earlier, more aggressive fights. Our project is already prepared from three years ago, has become our dream. 

Means the concept had been around since the beginning? 
Aryo Sagantoro: The concept is actually “The Raid 2: punk” first. But it had to be postponed because of a lot of scenes that we were not ready. We need more time because of the heavy scene. When we created the choreography for “The Raid”, there are scenes that we consider more appropriate and more frightening to our show at “The Raid 2”. 

Is “The Raid 2” will be the scene outside the room? If “The Raid” the majority’s done indoors. 
Aryo Sagantoro: “The Raid” was first performed in the room to cope with the weather problems we can not control. Our experience in “Going away” should increase the production time over a month. Finally came the concept of a day in the building. But in “The Raid 2”, we want to sell landscape and so, so much more in the outdoors. 

Already started filming? 
Aryo Sagantoro: Not yet. On October 1, 2012 ago, we held a thanksgiving to start the project “The Raid 2”. Insha Allah dated January 19, 2013 until early July, so about six months. This is our longest project, six months of filming, not an easy thing. 

If “The Raid” first takes how long? 
About three months. “Going away” about four months. 

Location filming “The Raid 2” will be where? 
Location shooting 90 percent in Jakarta, West Java rest. There are several locations that are not in Jakarta, so it should be done outside. 

Whether there will be female players in “The Raid 2”? In “The Raid” no player’s first woman prime spotlight. 
Gareth Evans: This time there. From the beginning I also want a female fighter character. There will be a character named Hammer Girl, he combines martial arts tiger martial arts techniques, such as those used in “Going away”, but he also used two hammers in each hand. So he’s going to hit his opponent hard. The characters are very cool. 

Gareth was once fond of martial arts? 
Garet Evans: Oh yes. From the little I like to watch martial arts movies. Since I am involved in “Going away”, I kept thinking about how to get a good angle to the martial scene, camera movement will be like, then what would be lifted from the martial arts itself. Can contribute to the popularization of martial arts, to be an honor for me.

There are various other martial arts, such as kung fu or taekwondo, martial arts why Gareth choose? 
Gareth Evans: Kungfu has entered the film industry for decades. Film about silat itself also has a lot of truth, but not in the film stating, “As you know martial arts is.” From where I was moved to make a film about the arts, and in line with my study, I also get the knowledge about the philosophy of martial arts itself. 

Pencak silat martial art that is beautiful for the cameras. I was somewhat surprised to find no filmmaker menggarapkan properly. When I watch shows about martial arts, the sciences diselipi magic that I think it’s all just bullshit. I had to make something parried away from things mystical. 

Many people are surprised when watching “Going away”, as they used to watch martial arts mystical. I say that as this is an actual martial arts. Thanks to this film, we successfully popularize martial arts, not only in the country but also to the country. 

Some martial arts colleges admitted to us that they get a lot of new participants, not only from Indonesia, but also from abroad because they want to learn what they see in our film. 

There are plans to make a movie with other genres? 
Gareth Evans: “The Raid 2: punk” will be a martial arts movie about my last for a while. I want to try to make two new films, probably about crime. We’ll take a break, Iko Uwais and his friends would practice again while we were thinking about the next fim. 

Toro, how does the experience of working with Gareth Evans? 
Aryo Sagantoro: Okay really does. We worked together since “Going away” around 2008. At the time we met equally do not have the movie experience. All involved in “Going away”, it was our first movie.There is trust in each other, that’s the most important. 

We strive to provide the best that we can love, but the market itself when it looked much the eye. Action movies, especially martial arts, so whoever wants to watch it. It was also the country’s films are also being dropped once. 

We have the same interest in the martial arts, we both want to lift martial arts, and we believe that the martial arts are packed spectacle that could well be a very interesting and could be the pride of Indonesia. 

Hope you guys for “The Raid 2”? 
Aryo Sagantoro: Hopefully hell be like what we imagined. We have a concept, what we do is the best, only then we proceed to the market. Expectations of the audience, as we discussed earlier, it becomes our challenge. 

Gareth Evans: We did not want “The Raid 2” is equated with “The Raid”. The characters may be the same, but the feeling while watching the movie, view films and packaging, will look even better. Would be something more fresh though this sequel. 

What ya the difference between “The Raid” the first and second? 
Aryo Sagantoro: The concept of “The Raid” is a roller coaster first. We do not provide an opportunity for the audience to breathe. New breath for a while, but was brushed again. If “The Raid 2”, tells how to be more subtle. The character will be stronger because larger organization. So much variety, not only berkelahinya scene alone. 

Gareth Evans: At the beginning might still be a bit quiet watching it. But you will not be able to breathe in the last 25 minutes.



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