Many Options

What is the difference between goals and dreams? If the “dream” is still a desire in general, “the goal” is shaped more concrete. For example, you begin to set things like, roughly when your target to buy a house?His house is at what price? How to achieve it? Approximately how many investments can each month? Then adjust your target with your ability to invest. 

Which one comes first? No provision is standard on this matter, but must be tailored to the priorities of your life. In general, does the more a priority than a car, but you do not have to follow this common habit. 

Well, now talk of investment. Investing is not a destination. Investment is the path to your financial goals. So the investment is not ideal, but the steps that must be done. 

To manage your monthly finances while in college, you should create a simple budget. For example, how does the budget to eat in 1 month? What is the cost of transportation a month? How many personal expenses each month? How much you can set aside for savings each month? 

In general, the following provisions: 
Routine expenditures: 20-40 per cent of revenue 
Saving / investment: 10-30 per cent of revenue 
Personal expenses: a maximum of 20 percent of income 
Debt: a maximum of 30 percent of income

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