Solar Activity

Revolution broke out in Libya, and Tunisia, and Egypt. The war in Syria and now in Gaza, Palestine. Violence has increased sharply throughout 2012 both in Indonesia and the world, when compared to the previous year. Some scientists believe there is a correlation between persitiwa it.

Has long been known that the Sun has an active 11-year cycle. Periodically, every 11 years, solar activity reaches its peak, marked the emergence of black spots (sunspot) on the surface of the Sun.Activities strong magnetic field on the surface of the Sun is marked presence raises sunspot flares and coronal mass injection (CME).

High activity flares and CME’s which then can cause solar storm. If the plasma particles such as electrons and protons generated from the sun leaps CME reach the Earth, it could cause interference of electromagnetic waves. Static magnetic field of the Earth to be a shield, not always dependable. As released by NASA, 2003 ago, detected a gap in this natural shield.

“Disturbances in Earth’s magnetic waves created by the sun’s radiation can affect the human gene. Changes in chemical reactions in the brain and these hormones then cause psychological reactions. Men become more aggressive, while in women, affecting fertility, “says Maurice Cotterell, a British scientist researching the solar activity cycle and its impact over the last 24 years., In an interview in a foreign television station.

In fact, in 1963, Robert Becker and Freedman, electro-physiology researchers from the United States, doing research to prove that the increase in solar activity also triggered a rise in psychiatric disorders. Cases of schizophrenia increased in a study in Europe and the United States, when the cycle of the sun peaks occur.

As is known, every cell in the human body contains positive ions and negative. Electromagnetic waves received from outside the body, such as the radiation from solar storm, stimulate enzymes and increase positive ion in cells. Increased energy is then translated prontal lobe part of the brain that controls behavior.

“Cells, the smallest unit of any living creature, is nothing but an electromagnetic resonator. It is able to emit and absorb radiation with high frequency, “said Georges Lakhovsky, Russian scientist, in his book Secret of Life. In other words, the electromagnetic radiation that can increase emotional intelligence as well as humans.

In 2012, the peak phase of solar activity cycle 11. The experts call it the peak of 24, since 1755. Based on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) United States, during 2012 the formation of solar sunspot. Some of them lead to CME and space storms.

For example, on January 23, a powerful explosion that raised a storm CME radiation of electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s atmosphere S3 level. This storm is the strongest since 2005. Coincidentally or not, the next day, Tuesday, January 24, riots occurred in Sidomulyo ethnic nuances, South Lampung. Two days after that, Bima regency government offices in West Nusa Tenggara residents burned.

Then, on October 22, an explosion occurred again flare on the Sun. United States Institute of NOAA issued a warning of the possibility of communication failure (blackout) due to the impact of the explosion CME to Earth. Right on that day, Poso, Central Sulawesi, rioted. The bomb exploded. A week later, riots occurred in Bannerman Way, South Lampung, 14 people were killed and 400 houses burnt.

Looking back, 11 years ago, a major event of violence also occurred right in the top of the Sun cycle. Tragedy attack the World Trade Center (WTC), 11 September 2001, in the United States, which killed approximately 3,000 people, and the Afghanistan war, violence was recorded as a black dot in the history of modern civilization. In the local environment, still in the same year, riots Sampit (Kalimantan).

Long before global violence is happening, scientists from Russia, Alexander Chizhevsky, has suggested the hypothesis that the activity of the Sun peaks correlated to the creation of conflict, violence, and war, all of human civilization.

“History speaks, the fall of great civilizations rise, like Roman, can not be separated from the Sun’s cycle aktivtas. The power of the sun is really amazing. When it changes, we humans also change, “said David Ilke, renowned British author said in an interview on BBC television.

Nevertheless, cosmic radiation from the sun, as said Georges Lakhovsky, can positively benefit members. When exposed to radiation, the man becomes more vital, fertile (women), aggressiveness, and high immunity. History proves, when the Sun enters the cycle minimum, pandemic disease outbreaks due to decreased immunity.

According to Maurice Cotterell, even cosmic radiation plays a major role in the evolution of living things. “So, a kind of x-ray beam, it can affect the genetic mutation. This is why today people have a variety of skin color and physical traits. Apes evolved into more intelligent: humans. Of course, not all apes mutated because not all exposed to cosmic radiation, “he said.

The power of the sun that affects all walks of life and all the elements of the universe which then owned the science underlying the Mayan Aztec civilization in Central America. The Maya made the sun as a “God”, the center of life.

Maurice believes, long ago, the Maya have had knowledge of the solar activity and cosmology. This is what made “Seven Predictions Maya” mysterious. One prediction precision and horrendous it was that on December 22, 2012, the Sun will enter a new polarization. That is, the cycle of the Sun every 5,125 years.

Surprises await in the future. What is this cycle? However, regardless what it is, Faizal and experts warned that solar activity will continue to increase, until May 2013. It is feared, this cosmic storm will be greater than 1859, which is the biggest solar storm events in recorded history.


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