New Continental GT Speed ​​W 12

In addition to very luxurious, sporty in every curve of the exterior and interior design, as well as good to firm, GT Speed ​​was also comfortable to wear daily.

The first time you see the figure of the GT Speed, the heart was instantly hooked. Ranging from aerodynamics, curve body, wheels and tires, grill with dark tint, headlights, exhaust on the right and left rear with chrome bezels, until the stern of the car.

Seeing the cabin, the GT Speed ​​showed his class as top car. All parts are original leather dashboard. So is the gas and brake pedals are hollow, automatic gear lever with unique motifs. Equipped with two safety features two airbags in the front passenger cabin, also on the four sides of the passenger and thorax.

When trying to sit behind the wheel, such as passenger cars seated position in general, but has 14 variations of adjusting a front seat that can be adjusted according to taste. By setting such a sitting position so tired driving.

After quite a while to learn the direction of instructor passenger on the driver, the time came to try for themselves GT Speed. The first choice straight line along approximately 100 meters of the wall as a barrier.

This particular track test the ability of the car acceleration, speed and quality of movement speed automatic gearbox. Also, to test the ability of the transmission downshift once braking.

Automatic gear lever 8 levels speed ZF 8HP90 type AL 951 I immediately slide into sport mode (S). Automatic transmission is supplied by renowned manufacturers ZF automatic transmission, which is a new generation of movement patterns that block system allows the combination downshift.

Courage had disappeared, the instructor said, when the maximum diakselarasi car at one point, had to step on the brake pedal firmly to test how good braking power.

Not much to say anymore, I stepped on the gas pedal stronger. was once the effect of the energy that makes the body flopped on the seat.

This is because the configuration of the machine carrying the GT Speed ​​6.0 liter, 12-cylinder engine in a W configuration (W 12) with 48 valves, four camshafts, and two turbochargers. Smooth engine, but capable of producing maximum power at 6,000 rpm 625 PK.

Once the expected torque in first gear is reached, the gear automatically switch to second gear. Switching gears seem to shake. However, at higher speeds, not felt since the ratio of the gears are made tighter. 1:1 ratio achieved in the six gears.

Gears with 8 levels of speed 8HP90 type AL 951 allows transfer of any gear ratio can take place smoothly. Rapid displacement gear ratio with 600 millisecond shift time. As a result, the automatic acceleration berpersneling car can exceed acceleration berpersneling manual car driven by a professional driver though.

To produce optimal performance automatic transmission, ZF applying four gear set with two elements of the open systems movement is a new concept gearbox from ZF. Application of the higher gearratios, the supply of oil in the transmission oil pump that can be controlled, torque converter new models, as well as the optimization of the hydraulic system to control the transmission.

Compared with the 6-speed automatic transmission from ZF, no fuel consumption savings of up to 11%. With this new technology, the power is wasted in every gear shift is less than 2%, so the car power can be channeled to all four wheels drive.

Support transmission and great power makes GT Speed ​​only takes 4.2 seconds to reach speeds of 100 km / h from stopped position. GT Speed ​​Maximum speed is electronically limited to 330 km / h.

After speeding at speeds above 150 km / h, I stepped on the brake pedal firmly. Strong braking power makes the car able to stop completely at a distance of less than 10 meters. Electronic parking brake system allows braking can be done simply by pressing a button.

Regardless of the track sprint, switch to banked track., With a cone that has been laid out according to the needs, ranging from a sharp bend to the zig zag. In a banked track, the GT Speed ​​was able to maneuver properly.

The car is very easy to control despite great strength. This is because the car has ESP, which is the stability of the vehicle. The car will control or self-correct if the slip so it is safe to maneuver.

I am trying to compare the EPS when I turn it off. The difference is a lot. When EPS die, cars tend to turn and maneuver wild invited. Agility is needed if the driver does not want to twist. Compared with the Continental GT, there is an increased downforce 8%.

Even from the same display, engine performance GT Speed ​​is very much different from the standard version of the Continental GT degan W 12. GT Speed ​​gives sport a more powerful sensation. the price is comparable to the quality and ability. In the U.S. market amounted to U.S. $ 215,000. In Indonesia, the price can be two to three times.

Luxurious and sporty impression is very strong in this car, let alone a 10 bolt wheels with unique design and dressing tires Pirelli P-Zero 275/35. The car has four seats with two doors.



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