Many people are saying “Keep doing what you love”. The extent to which people actually do that. Especially if it’s related to work that often makes people in a dilemma.

This time it could be you are enjoying your job because according to your interests and feel comfortable. But, at that moment there was a very interesting offer with much larger salaries. You are interested and would like to try but scared because this work is different from your current field of work.

Alexander Sriewijono, The Founder of Daily Meanings provide input for those who may be confused decision:

1. First understand the term “Comfort Zone”. Comfortable feeling can make people become more dynamic, but it can also make people more comfortable to do.

The work is not only judged on how happy you are doing and how many rewards they get, but also questioned how evolved we are in the job.

2. Question what is important to you. Everyone has different needs. There were targeting high position, there is a target maximum salary, no targeting flexibility of working time, there is a target space of creativity in work, and others.

What are you currently most important:? Besides different, things that are considered important by a person can change over time. It could have been initially more concerned with work experience to develop themselves as much as possible, then turn into cash as soon have married or school. Legitimate.

The understanding behind the decisions and actions will strengthen the measures to be taken.


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