State of Drama

Each city in Korea has beautiful scenery with many unique things. With four seasons, Korea also emit different way. Spring decorated with variegated flowers, summer with mountain and sea, the color of autumn leaves, and winter snowy hills show.

Last spring, from early March to late May and the weather was rather warm. At that Korea is full of sweet scenery. Along the lines Yunjongno toned cherry blossoms are blooming. Roads in the city of Gyeongju bursting with flowers and rape (Brassica napus) and Jeju Island to the island of flowers. Everland party filled with tulips is also the view of a typical spring. Natural beauty is usually the background is Korean drama you can enjoy directly.

Meanwhile, the fall in Korea starting from September through November, the sky is very bright. In September, the beginning of autumn, the weather during the day like last summer, but cold in the morning and evening. Enjoy views of the trees with colored leaves. Do not forget fatherly visit to Gangwon Province’ve made ​​the background drama Winter Sonata and Endless Love.

When summer comes, from late July to August. You will be fascinated pegunugan with lush forests and deep blue sea with watersports. Agenda summer to climb Mount Bukhan and Mount Cheonggye while browsing Seoul.

From December to March, the perceived air was cold and dry. You will enjoy a shorter day than at night because the sun rises late in the morning and sank early snow annually. Unlike other regions, the winter low temperature Korea has a series of activities, such as Nami Island.

To quickly answer the curiosity, do not hesitate to adventure to the Land of drama. Prayer room and halal restaurants prove the warm reception against Muslims.

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