About Women

1. Eye 
Forget mascara, eye make-up that thick, long eyelashes, eyebrows or pulling. I’m purely talking about the eye and natural beauty in it. A full view of the captivating confidence and women will make a man to his knees. 

2. Freckle face 
Many women want to hide these spots, and I do not know why. Spots is something really interesting. It was such a natural tattoo, right? 

3. Bare shoulders 
Even when I was in school, we would be fascinated if men see women shoulder even if only briefly. Things never change. It is a super sexy body parts of a woman. 

4. Confidence 
This is one very important thing. The more women to believe in themselves and their bodies, a man more interested. So stop confusing your appearance and nyamanlah with yourself. 

5. Lip 
Whenever Anastasia biting his lips, Christian was fascinated to see the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Although I do not quite understand why Christian love, lips indeed one sexy body part of a woman. Lips is part of the body that is used to kissing! 

6. Sense of humor 
Women? Funny? Yes, they are funny. Women love men who can make them laugh, so why not apply the same thing to us? Look at Tina Fey or Sarah Silverman. They’re both funny, which add a positive value to their personality, and enhance their appeal. 

7. Curves 
Curve of a woman’s body is very sexy. Where is the beauty of the waist if you so skinny? 

8. Smile 
Lips can make a woman look sexy, as well as a smile. Ranging from small to smile a big smile, showing beautiful teeth. A smile has a greater effect than conscious women.


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