In the United States Nuclear Plant

State Owned Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan agreed with PT Batan Technology (Limited) founded the company that produces radioisotopes or nuclear clean in the United States. “I agree, because eventually it could dominate the U.S. market,” Dahlan said when met at the parliament complex in Senayan, Tuesday, September 25, 2012.

He explained, Batan has opportunities in the radioisotope business by setting up a nuclear medicine company that specialized in producing radioisotopes. The company will become the largest company in Southeast Asia, especially now the products have been exported to many countries, such as Japan.

Establishment of companies in the United States is necessary because of radioisotopes can not be exported to there. “Because, if sent, the radiation will decrease,” said Dahlan. While the demand for radioisotopes of the country also can not be ignored. Moreover, until now Americans have not been able to produce these radioisotopes.

Dahlan has asked the Director of Technology Batan straight away to the country to negotiate. Expected, the results of these negotiations can already be announced next week. The government hopes that at least the company has been able to be built there in 2013.

Before the official company operates, Dahlan asked Batan recruiting resources first, considering Indonesia is also still many scholars in the field of nuclear technology that has not been optimized.


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