Biggest Regret In Life

Plan to visit a close friend who is very ill living plan. Due to heavy rush, you do not have time to visit him. Finally regret came, when his friends had already invoked the Almighty.

It may be only one form of regret that many experienced people. But there are many people throughout life confessed to the biggest regret of his life.

Everyone might have a lot of regrets in life ago. But we can not change the past, because most importantly what to do with the rest of our lives will no longer have regrets later on.

Here is a list of the biggest regrets that people frequently experience as quoted by Forbes, Monday (22/10):

1. Working too much at the expense of family time and friendship

Many people are aware of her work is too much for a target. After that promised to make it up on the weekend. But since you are concerned about valuation bosses and co-workers, again you are more concerned about jobs than time with family and friends.

2. Mem-bully at school

Believe it or not, children are often posted bully her at school one day later regret having done many cruel to her. Especially when the friend turned out to be better or even a boss that makes the position eventually overturned because his boss unrequited interfere with her ​​career.

3. Lost contact with friends as a child or teenager Everyone was having a season where he had a very close friend, especially at a time when children and adolescents. Every day feels hollow if not with them. But once she graduated school, sometimes people are too scared Contact your friend because he is busy or worried you actually do not have a contact. Until finally you miss the times with friends but you’ve been so out of touch.

4. Breakup with a real sweetheart

Disconnect or romance lover is decided by the most pathetic human beings. This feeling is known as the most difficult abolished throughout your life continue to haunt the shadows of why the first was not with him.

5. Worry excessively about what people say

Most of us are too focused on what others think and so tend jaim aka guard image. You worry about being judged by the people around you are so afraid to be yourself and always follow what they say. This condition eventually make people insecure.

6. Living the way parents

Dutiful to parents is mandatory. But sometimes it was so did not want to hurt their parents, you live a life that is not the life you want. Worse, parents also feel you are fine because you never express what you really want.

7. Not getting a dream job

Because one thing a lot of people who work for the purpose of material not because it is the job of your dreams. Later in life you’ll regret not ever try to pursue your dream job.

8. Too serious life most of us do not know how to have fun. People no longer find the humor in life, less joking as it continues to undergo serious life. And silly things, and odd in life is something that makes us smile. So do not live life too seriously.

9. Never try to roam the streets of the far most of us are quite content to stay together or playing with the family without having to venture to distant places. But the real adventure to faraway places would become the most wonderful memories and fun that you feel during life.

10. Failed to get a bachelor’s degree bachelor’s degree is not the only way to support themselves. But many people who regretted his youth failing to get a college degree because it considers the school is not everything. But as parents, you realize the new school is the best way to open a wider world.

11. Lazy to learn a foreign language Learning a foreign language seems to have become a liability in the current era. But many still think learning a foreign language is not the main thing. Predictably you will regret it because it was old age but none that you have mastered a foreign language.

12. Leaving broken marriage

Today there are probably more people who decided last divorced than to correct mistakes ever made. Though divorce is not necessarily a good solution. Many end up regretting too emotional a divorce rather than fix the errors that have been done. But we know deep down that we could do more.

13. Involved in the wrong crowd

When young people often commit folly because it is easily influenced. Friendships with the wrong people eventually plunged into a world of wrong like drugs, which ultimately makes your time wasted his youth.

14. No health care

Youth is a period of rah-rah. That behavior that many young people do. Engage with drinks beralkhol, smoking, eating food that is not healthy just realized, when you are old and sick.

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