IPhone 5 Sales In China

Apple Inc.. finally got permission from Chinese regulators to sell its newest mobile phone, the iPhone 5. This is an opportunity for a company based in Palo Alto, California, United States of America, to make a profit on a lively market by the end of the year.

China is the second largest market China. And, the fans of mobile phones in the country known to be quite fanatical and willing to queue for hours to get Apple’s mobile phone series.

Earlier, mobile phones iPhone 5 has been marketed in the country of origin in September. Apple Management has announced that the phone is actually the iPhone 5 will be launched in December.

However, quite a long time since the initial launch and sales in China’s market share Apple has shaved since the second quarter to be about 10 percent. This is according to data from the survey institutions IDC released last August.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, controlled by China’s Ministry of Industry, displaying two photos of the iPhone 5 on its official website on Thursday. Both are series A1429, which is connected to the network on the network of China Unicom’s WCDMA.

And A1442 series, which is a model that uses the connection to the CDMA network of China Telecom Corp.. According to the head of China Unicom, the second largest telecommunications company in there, management expects massive sales of the iPhone 5 to boost 3G network users from 67 million to 100 million people.


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