Lip Make More Attractive

If you want full lips, but that was not born with lips like Angelina Jolie, you do not need to inject collagen. Most of us do not have a perfectly shaped lips, but the good news form the lips contains more easier than you think. 

Use clever techniques using lip products everyday so lips look as natural as possible. I have used this trick to test it and have seen the difference. 

Prepare your lips by exfoliating. Use a clean toothbrush to gently clean the dead skin that can be attached to your lipstick. Apply a moisturizing lip products such as lip balm or Vaseline lip therapy if your lips tend to dry while wearing lipstick. 

Outline your lips with a neutral-colored lip pencil. Apply with a soft outside the natural lip line (but not too much) to flatten the shape of your lips. Do not wear colored lip lines too dark because it will only make your lips look smaller. Paint your lips using a lip pencil lines. It will act as a base and helps your lipstick last all day. 

Use pale colored lipstick on your lips. Pale colors will act as a confirmation, make your lips like the look stand out and help make it look bigger. Darker contours have the opposite effect. Try lipstick colors brighter than you usually wear when you want to create the illusion of a full lip. For proper use, use a lip brush instead of using it directly from the package. 

Use a little concealer reflective (I prefer concealer pen for this) to the middle of the upper and lower lip. Disguise concealer around your lip color with a brush or your finger. Reflective particles in your concealer will act as a confirmation and the attention to your lips the fullest. 

Finish with a shimmery pale lip gloss. First use in the middle of your lips and gently smooth the outer corners of your lips. Lip gloss will reflect light, and helps lips look fuller. For a more complete look, look lip gloss to make lips appear thicker and helped to make it look more full. I love the Lip Injection Dual Plumping Tool of Two Faced.

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