Night Cream

Actually, why it is advisable to use different creams for day and night is because there are some who are content to work better during the day and also protects us from the sun, and there is also content that works better at night when we rest. 

In general, I think, even more secure to use a cream early in the evening, rather than vice versa. Because there are certain the contents contained in a night cream which, when exposed to the sun will have relegation and weakened, even dangerous. For example the content of Retinol-A. 

Another example is a night cream that contains AHA and BHA are high to help rejuvenate the skin. AHA and BHA are compounds that help exfoliate through a chemical process, therefore, would encourage the release of dead skin cells on our skin, or better known as exfoliation. When skin is exposed to direct sunlight peeling, irritation will occur that is not expected. Indeed it can be avoided by using sunscreen SPF 30 PA + + or more, but, in my opinion better avoid it. 

Instead, kebanyakkan cream morning comes by sunscreen and antioxidants. Sunscreen duty to protect our skin from exposure to UV radiation, and when used in the evening there are no negative effects. The task of antioxidants is to neutralize free radicals created by harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

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For dry skin, can be helped by adding a serum that promises all-day hydration prior to use cream in the morning, so the skin hydrated throughout the day. Consider also whether the type of cream that you use are the morning giving adequate hydration.


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