Escape Trick Casting

Undergo casting casting one to the other is to go through each stage who want to plunge into the world of entertainment. Before being accepted as a radio announcer did I have to go through a number of casting. So did other work as a television presenter and course presenter for the video Style Factor. 

At the beginning of my career as a model, the casting is not favored by fellow model. Waiting for hours, then told to walk the catwalk just 2 minutes or 3 minutes to act, only to be rejected is not fun. 

But I realized later that I consider the amount of time wasted on it, it becomes a valuable stock in the future. Various knowledge about how to compete in the entertainment world I can for free. And indirectly me hone my skills in public speaking. 

The important thing to remember is: do not slip casting does not always mean you are not talented. It could be because the characters do not match what you are looking for clients. Do not be discouraged, always make a pending failure as success. 

Many years undergoing casting, there are 10 tricks that I can conclude that this passes successfully. Create beginners who are interested in plunging into the world of entertainment, this is how. 

Prepare mentally 
Wherever possible dig as much information as possible about the casting so you do master the “field”. For example, the character designer (when casting catwalk models), product characteristics (when casting ad), or the character of the program / ​​station for casting TV presenter. That way you’ll feel mentally prepared for casting and avoid unnecessary mistakes. 

Choose the right costume 
After knowing details of casting that you will live, match your costume. Never over-dress or style to attract attention, but in style after the character required by the user. One costume when casting in addition to reducing self-confidence also makes you not focus because of wrong behavior. 

Could be due to normal 
Finding references to practice walking on catwalk, posing, acting or speaking in front of a camera is necessary. In addition to helping you be more confident can also help you provide the best performance when casting. 

When casting her by appointment, try to arrive on time. You do not want ‘right to make the client to question your professionalism. But when did you already try to arrive on time but there are obstacles, try to inform the client of your situation so that they do not wait without news. 

Be yourself 
Although the need to adjust the display with the requested character does not mean you have to become someone else. Stay just be yourself because by pretending to be someone else will seem ludicrous. 

Be polite 
Keep your attitude and manners in the casting, because you are just like everyone else who came to office. Say hello to all the people that you come in and say thank you and goodbye once they are completed. Trivial, but left a friendly first impression was never hurt. 

Instill confidence in yourself, so that you can demonstrate as much as possible. Low self-esteem or even overly confident would not be useful, because they can actually inhibit your ability to exert all. 

Be careful and stay alert 
Given the case that once took place, you also have to be wary of those “naughty”. There is never a product or program that charging for casting. And, no casting which will require a model / TV host to undress in the electoral process. 

For advertising or skin care soap, use a tank top and shorts, if they want more than that should you choose to back off attitude. Try also some company at the time of casting in a less familiar to you. 

Bring out the best 
After all the prayers and efforts are already prepared and do your best, just waiting to be positive results. If after a week of no news and you’re curious, it never hurts to contact the client to ask for the results. And do not forget, if you are not selected, try to act casual. 

Do not give up 
Not qualify casting is not a reason to give up. I understand there is definitely a feeling annoyed, because I also feel discouraged because they do not qualify for casting. Drug for only one feeling: back again undergo another casting there. Because, in the end there will be casting a pass because his character fits you. So, do not ever give up!


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