Blackberry vs. iPhone

U.S. government agency decides to buy iPhones for their employees, to get rid of its BlackBerry smartphones, stating that the smartphone is not reliable.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said in a public notice last week that it will contract with Verizon Wireless for the iPhone 5, saying that it was “only device” that can meet the needs of the state agency.

iPhones will also have the added advantage of compatibility with the Apple iPad tablet which is used by the agency.

Apple iPhone “will replace the existing BlackBerry NTSB, which failed because of the inappropriateness of time and are at a level that is unacceptable,” the agency said in a notice.

“NTSB requires communication capability that is stable, reliable, and effective to carry out the mission of his major, and to ensure employees safe in remote locations.”

The announcement is very bad news for Research in Motion (RIM) belongs to Canada, which makes the BlackBerry, and generally dominate the government institutions in the U.S., which has now been switched to Apple and Andorid smartphones that use the system, which is supported by Google.

Earlier this year, the Pentagon to end its exclusive agreement with RIM, to supply employees with BlackBerry smartphones.

Other government departments, agencies and U.S. Immigration Customs, also said that they replace BlackBerry devices with Apple’s iPhone.

U.S. intelligence and military agencies used to prefer the BlackBerry because of security concerns and worries use Apple, Android and other smartphones are less secure.

RIM will release its 10-BlackBerry platform, which will better compete with Apple and other devices, on January 30.



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