President Obama Lunch With Romney

U.S. President Barack Obama will host a luncheon at the White House with Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate he defeated in the presidential election last year.

The White House confirmed that face to face meetings will be the first since the election 6 November last year.

At night the selection Obama has stated that he would invite the former Massachusetts governor to discuss how to “bring more advanced countries”.

In the last election they competed fiercely in harsh campaign.

For 3 times presidential debate, Obama and Romney interrupted each other and aggressively denounce any policy that is expressed both.

However, they are now going to meet again, but in a gala dinner at the White House.

However, this meeting took place is closed, media barred from covering.

“Only two people (Obama and Romney) who was in the room and I’m sure will be a useful discussion,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.

This meeting took place when Obama and the Democrats are negotiating with Republican congressman from its “fiscal gap” in the upcoming budget a combination of tax increases and spending cuts planned expenditure effect January 1.

This policy is partly takes place in 2011 in a deal to curb the yawning U.S. budget deficit, but also includes includes tax cuts for all Americans imposed the expiration of the Bush administration.

During past campaigns, Romney ask deep budget cuts spending, and tax cuts to reduce the deficit. While Obama insist the rich should pay more tax.

Although the meeting is considered to be related to lobby Obama budget discussions, but has since lost the election Romney rarely known to perform in public, and analysts believe he has little leverage to Republicans in Congress.


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