Refusing baby breast milk

Dr. Rusmala Deviani, Sp.A of RS Cinere Hospital said the nursing strike is a condition when a baby suddenly refuse breastfed and this happens not because of the weaning process.

Some of the causes include a child experiencing teething, no blisters around the mouth and lips, nasal congestion, ear infections, feeding schedule changes, and changes in the mother’s milk of flavors, such as the mother taking hormone medications, vitamins , or post mastitis.

Further, Dr.. Rusmala explained, nursing strike usually occurs when babies aged three to nine months. This could take place in 2-5 days or weeks. Even in some cases, nothing can happen to monthly.

However, it remains to be breast-fed infants, although he refused. You can use other ways to squeeze out the milk and give it with a spoon, cup feeding, or by using the eyedropper tool to drip milk into baby’s mouth. If the baby continues to refuse, the human milk given at the beginning of his sleep.

For infants who were older than six months, you may give her water, but breast milk remains the primary fluid. As long as the baby does not seem thirsty, not large fontanel sunken, no fever, or urinate normally (more than six times a day), you do not need to worry.

But when the baby shows signs of dehydration such as thirst appears, urinate less than five times a day, his temperature a little warmer, and the crown of magnitude haggard, you should consult a doctor, to get further treatment.

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