IPad Production Costs

Tablet Apple iPad Mini, which was introduced on October 23 go on sale on Friday. While some people enjoy this latest gadget, an analyst with IHS even dismantle the tablet.

Quoted from tech site AllThingsD, Monday, November 5, 2012, IHS, known often dismantle and analyze the components of the technology, concluded that one unit Mini iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi material procurement cost of U.S. $ 188 or about USD 1.8 million . It is the cheapest model of iPad mini Apple sold with the official price of U.S. $ 329 or about USD 3.1 million.

Component costs are the most expensive is a screen of 7.9 inches from LG Display purchased for U.S. $ 80. The cost of procurement of these displays consume 43 percent of total material procurement cost.This screen uses a new technology, ie GF2, which allows screens that are thinner than the previous generation.

Meanwhile, his opponent but-Apple, namely Samsung, remains the A5 chip manufacturers, processors embedded in the iPad Mini.

For storage capacity, Apple entrust the Hynix Semiconductor, a South Korean company. As for the memory chips of U.S. $ 15.5 purchased from Elpida of Japan. Meanwhile, Cirrus Logic provides audio chip, STMicroelectronics contributed to the accelerometer, and a Broadcom wireless chip provides. There is a component that can not be identified by IHS provider, namely the camera.

Another 7-inch tablet ever disassembled for analysis is Nexus 7 of Google and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. While the iPad Mini has a difference in cost and the selling price is quite large, which is U.S. $ 141 or about USD 1.3 million, competitors have only a thin margin on selling price.

Nexus Tablet 7 16 GB version has a material fee of U.S. $ 159.25, and initially sold for U.S. $ 249, but was later reduced to U.S. $ 199. Meanwhile, the material cost of U.S. $ 165, Kindle Fire HD 16 GB is priced at U.S. $ 200.

Unlike Amazon who choose to further promote the sale of content and software, Apple boost profit sector hardware and software.


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