Explorers Submarine Ship Hit

The U.S. Defense Department is still investigating the incident collision, between a nuclear submarine with Aegis cruisers off the U.S. East Coast on Saturday (10/13/2012) evening local time. The extent of damage caused by the incident is not yet known.

According to the press release the United States Fleet Command Strength, Saturday midnight, a collision occurred between the submarine USS Montplier (hull number SSN-765) with the cruiser USS San Jacinto (CG-65). When the incident occurred at around 15:30 local time, the two main U.S. Navy warships were on their routine operations missions.

According to a spokesman for U.S. Fleet Strength Command, Lieutenant Commander Brian Badura, no one was injured in the incident and the extent of damage the two vessels is not known for sure until Saturday night. “We’ve had incidents of collisions warship in the past, but as of rare occurrence,” said Badura.

The cause of the incident was still under investigation, and U.S. Navy officials have not been willing to give details, including the exact location of the incident scene. They just said the two ships based in major U.S. Navy base at Norfolk, Virginia.

USS Montplier is a class of nuclear-powered submarines Los Angeles is capable of firing Tomahawk cruise missiles from the ocean depths. This vessel has a length of 110.3 meters and a width of 10 meters. The submarine is now part of the U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet.

While the USS San Jacinto is a missile cruiser (guided missile cruiser) Ticonderoga class equipped Aegis command and control system. Ships with a length of 173 meters and a width of 16.8 meters are also equipped weaponry Tomahawk cruise missiles, among a series of weapons.


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