Displacement Endeavour

The transfer shuttle Endeavour caused concerns of residents along the road that dilintasinya in Los Angeles. Because, the wings of the plane almost hit several buildings and trees while being transported from Los Angeles International Airport.

Endeavour began to move, Friday (12/10). Aircraft tall building 5 floors, 37 meters long and 24 meters wide wingspan, it becomes a “transfer” the largest ever cross the street in Los Angeles.

Party executive said the wing shuttle Endeavour is just a few inches to the buildings in its path. But workers were forced to cut 400 poho that this plane can be passed.

California Science Center thousand pledged to replant trees to replace those losses. Shuttle Endeavour has been doing mission 25 times. The main task of this California-made aircraft are sending supplies supplies to the International Space Station (ISS).

The transfer shuttle Endeavour as far as 19 kilometers will end at California Science Center. Endeavour will be on display as a vehicle for California tourism.


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