Gadgets that Can Survive Long

1. Monitor 
Although each day using a laptop, you definitely need not just one, but two large monitors on your desk. The more pixels, then you will be more productive, so buy two monitors with a resolution of 1080 pixels on your desk for your home office organized also. 

You can find cheap 32 inch monitor with 1920×1080 pixels screen for $ 130 (about R1, 2 million). However, I recommend adding a little budget to $ 150 (R1, 4 million) or more so you can get the LED monitor. 

Or if you can, spend $ 300 (Rp2, 8 million) so that you can get a monitor with a resolution of 1920×1200. While it might appear more monitors with touch-screen technology in the next year, which will now monitor can help you better and the price is not going down. 

2. SSD 
If you do not use a solid state drive in your computer, stop reading this article and send an email to your boss apologies for having to waste time earning so much waiting for your computer’s hard drive slow in loading various things. 

SSD is not an expensive item. Even $ 200 is a cheap price to get the speed difference between SSD and hard drive boot takes so long. You will have more time to spend with family. 

3. Notebook Windows 7 
Soon, many notebook users will say the same thing about the notebook with their new Windows 8 (“Windows is not like it used to be”). However, Microsoft’s latest operating system offers better performance and appearance that provides a lot of convenience. 

If you want a new personal computer, but with the traditional look of Windows that do not have a lot of changes since 1992, then you will run out of time. Once Windows 8 was launched on 26 October, which was released after many notebooks will be equipped with the new operating system. Inventories of Windows 7 will be reduced in the near future you will be able to buy a device with Window 8. If you buy a laptop with Windows 7 operating system, and then decide to upgrade, be prepared to spend around Rp384 thousand. 

4. 7 inch Tablet 
If you want a cheap media tablets with great ability, then you really do not need a reason to wait. Currently, you can purchase an amazing three media tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 or Barnes and Noble Nook HD is priced at $ 199 (USD 1.9 million) with a size that is slightly wider, while the size of the iPad Mini 7.8 inch is likely to be launched within the next few weeks. 

None of these companies make updates to their flagship product more than once a year. So if you buy now, you will not see the latest version to appear until the end of 2013. Even at that, they will be difficult to increase the screen resolution, CPU speed and long battery life you get from the product now. 

I also do not expect that the premium media tablet prices fall far below the level of under $ 199 (about R1, 9 million), because the companies that sell these products will suffer huge losses. 

5. iPhone 5 
If you’re a fan of Apple, the iPhone 5 is the phone that you are waiting for. With a larger screen size and additional 4G LTE technology, Apple intends to resolve a complaint against a previous device. Even if Apple change the iPhone 5 in the fall, I hope there will not be much improved. The company is likely to make major changes in its design every two years. 

But if you are interested in buying a Windows Phone or Android phone, there are a number of excellent products launched immediately – including the latest generation of Nexus and Nokia Lumia 920. 

6. eReaders 
If you enjoy reading on a digital screen, then now is the time. Between Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch and the Amazon Kindle Glowlight Paperwhite that come down in price, you now have two fantastic premium eReaders are easy to see in bright sunlight or in a dark room. 

Since Barnes & Noble and Amazon recently updated their eReader in the last few weeks, we do not expect any new models in one year. And it’s hard to imagine what additional features you want from a cheap digital reading device that you have not got at the moment. 

One day, these companies can issue digital color reader, but for now the technology is still expensive and looked unappealing. 

7. Printer 
Like most current technology, the printer is getting better, but the difference is so subtle in fact even many of us will not even notice. If you buy a printer with a decent quality or printer has many functions, the product will last at least 5 years before the new model is emerging. 

I have an HP Laserjet 5P from 1997 that still survive. The image quality you get from a printer with the current price range is good enough to print high-quality color photos. I recommend to buy a color laser printer than an inkjet. 

8. Keyboard 
The last major changes in the technology of PC keyboard occurred in 1994, when Microsoft for the first time adds the Windows key in his Natural Keyboard and other manufacturers followed him. Yes, there are a number of innovative display that has appeared on the keyboard game in recent years, ranging from additional keys that are programmed to adjust the brightness of the color LCD screen on the keyboard Razer’s deathstalker Ultimates. 

However, these advances do not make your keyboard obsolete. If you’re looking for a better typing experience on your PC, there is no reason to wait. I recommend a model with an elastic mechanical buttons like Ultra Classic Unicomp or Rosewill RK-9100. 

9. External Hard Drive and USB 
The greatest advances in external storage technology in recent years has led to a USB 3.0. While we more often see a storage device that has capabilities such as Thunderbolt in 2013 and beyond, there is a possibility that the product will remain expensive, boutique products such as FireWire storage devices available today. 

If you currently buy a USB 3.0 hard drive or flash drive, you will still be happy with the product until 2014 and beyond. I really hope that the external SSD will be cheaper in a few years, but the product will not have the same price with the price of an external hard drive. A relatively new category, a wireless hard drive, will continue to increase in coming years, but will not be able to compete with the speed and ease of use offered by USB 3.0 devices simple.

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