Excellence Nexus 7

The presence of a mini iPad may make headlines, but the gadget was actually nothing compared to the Nexus 7. Here are 7 reasons why the Nexus beat iPad mini with ease. 

The first (and most obvious), Apple products are more expensive. Nexus 7 base model priced at $ 129 (the equivalent of R1, 25 million) – more expensive than the basic version of the iPad Mini. For most people, the difference is significant. The money will be used to purchase a 128GB SSD hard disk that can speed up your computer work, a 1080p 21-inch monitor or smartphone like the Droid RAZR fantastic M for $ 99 (Rp954, 43 thousand).

At a press conference the launch of the iPad mini, Apple SVP Marketing, Phil Schiller, said that the iPad Mini to show a web page with a lot more because it has a larger screen and a few use the navigation bar takes too much screen space. That’s a nice statement, but in fact, display 1280×800 pixels belonging Nexus 7 has more pixels than the iPad Mini, which only has a 1024×768 pixel screen. 

By putting more pixels on a smaller screen (7-inch vs. 7.9-inch), Google’s tablet has a screen density to 215 pixels per inch (ppi), compared with 162 ppi on the iPad mini. That means, Nexus 7 has a sharper image and can display HD video in native resolution. 

You can use a USB cable to recharge the Nexus 7, which is the only major tablet that uses a standard micro USB port for charging the battery. On the other hand, mini iPad using Apple’s proprietary connector Lightning. If the cable is included iPad Lightning lost, you have to buy a new one for $ 20 (Rp190 thousand).

What about the protection of children from harmful content? Although the iPad lets you block several applications built Apple and limit the content, you can not block third-party applications, are not able to monitor what your children are doing and can not restrict their use of time. 

Because the Android operating system in the Nexus 7 provides greater access, there are applications like Kytephone, which creates a separate room, so that your children can only use the applications you have selected. There are also Funamo, offering parents the ability to block anything, ranging from adult sites to malicious applications, and limiting the time children in using these devices. 

Nexus 7 is one of the few tablets on the market right now that has a chip called Near Field Communications (NFC) embedded. With NFC on these devices, you can share your contact or other information with different Android devices just by touching the back of the device simultaneously. 

You also made ​​easier with the new payment systems such as ISIS and Google Wallet which allows you to touch your device to the cashier to pay. And a new generation of headphones like the Sony MDR-1RBT can be connected to the Nexus 7 automatically when you touched it to the NFC chip. 

Meanwhile, the iPad mini, as well as on all Apple products, does not have NFC. Maybe we’ll see when the iPad 2 launched Mini. 

Want to share this article with your friends on Google or LinkedIn? You will not be able to do that directly from Safari, the default browser mini iPad. Apple iOS restricts you from Facebook and Twitter. At Nexus 7 and other Android devices, there is a sharing menu that contains all of your options and are available from any application that can download content sharing. 

If you want to live like JF Sabastian, scientists “Bladerunner” is just bertemankan robot, iPad and Siri voice assistant application it is suitable for you. Siri will follow your weirdness, giving the bullshit that has been programmed in advance if you ask her to dance or ask weird. 

However, if you have real friends and family to talk to, the better you use Google Voice assistant Now on Nexus 7. Want to know what movie starring Russell Crowe or who wins a football game? Why not call, send a text or open the email? Now Google will do it all, without any weirdness like Apple.


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