Distinctive Men tempramental

1. Choleric 
Quite often provoked emotions just because a trivial problem. He became supersensitive to topics cornered. For example, a small mistake he’d ever done, and so on. 

2. Not receiving state 
Life is always spinning. not infrequently luck was not on his side. but he always denied it. Instead of introspection, he is busy blaming anyone he could appoint. 

3. Jealous and controlling 
These characteristics will begin to see if the relationship has been long-running. He began to limit the space for you. Controlling all activities, including those who are in your neighborhood. He did not hesitate to vent their anger, if you do not want to follow the words. 

4. Demanding things over 
Nobody’s perfect, including you. So if the pair start demanding things that are excessive or unreasonable, should begin to be vigilant. He wants you to be his own version of the perfect woman, without thinking of your feelings. 

If the couple began to exhibit behavior like the above, you should begin to be vigilant. Moreover, he did not hesitate temperamental partner hurt physically and mentally. Do not waste your life, it’s better to give your love to someone more valuable.

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