Bird Parrot

Parrot was able to find the location of food, even without instructions – a capability previously only seen in human and ape. 

In a recent study, the researchers tested the ability of reason African gray parrots by shaking an empty box and a box filled with food that parrots could hear the food that was in the box. 

To select a box that will please them (containing food), a parrot should know that sounds it shows a lack of food and the sound of the other boxes may mean only food in the box. It is a challenge that even the kids can not menalarnya until they pass the age of about three years. 

“This suggests that gray parrots have an understanding of causality and they can use it to make sense of the world,” according to Christian Schloegl, a researcher at the University of Vienna, told LiveScience. 

Reasoning parrot 
Parrot African gray known clever, as well as other birds. In a previous study of the gray parrot, the researchers have shown them two boxes, one filled with food and the other one is empty. When bayan indicated that one of the empty box, they almost always choose the second box containing food.

This could be because the parrot conclude that if one box is empty, the other full of possibilities, says Schloegl. But researchers can not rule out that the parrot is only avoiding the empty box for some unknown reason. 

To find out, Schloegl, along with fellow researchers from the University of Vienna, Judith Schmidt, and colleagues, set up experiments more challenging. In a recent study, six gray parrot African presented with two boxes, one containing walnuts and one empty. Instead of showing an empty box on the parrot, the researchers shook the boxes so that the parrot can hear the walnuts in it. 

In some cases, the researchers shake up both boxes or just one box. In another study, they just shake the box blank or just a box containing food. They found that the parrot really able to determine that the voice box is a box containing food. 

Even more impressive still, when presented with a box that does not sound when shaken, the birds consistently choose another box. Apparently they think the other box containing food for sure. 

Evolution of intelligence 
The results, published in the journal “Proceedings of the Royal Society B” on August 7, proving that a parrot can make judgments based on sound and vision. But these birds may avoid a box that is muted rather than making inferences about the other box.

To rule out the possibility that, Schmidt did some similar experiments by varying the type and combination of the shaking motion and sound. In the last test, she wears a small speaker on his sleeve and attached to his wrist. When she picked up the box and shaking the boxes, his voice did not come from a box but from the loudspeakers. 

In some cases, the sound from the loudspeakers as the actions taken Schmidt: He shook the box in her right hand and the sound is coming from speakers hidden in his right wrist. In other cases, the sound coming from the opposite side of the box that he was rocking. 

“The most important thing is the higher intelligence evolved not just once,” said Schloegl. Instead, he said, “cognitive skills evolved several times in parallel only in the distant related species such as primates and birds.”


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