Men Childbirth

Thomas Beatie, a transgender man to give birth from England was already separated from his wife after nine years of marriage. Men who already had three children of their own is admitted that the tape talk show The Doctors that will be aired on 7 May.

“Like a marriage, our relationship ups and downs. And now, we are going through difficult times. We have split up,” said the 38-year, not long ago.

In the year, 2008, the name Beatie shocked the whole world, as it becomes the first man in the world who can give birth. Moreover, having been invited to the Oprah Winfrey talk show. He became more popular and was dubbed “Pregnant Man” or “The man Childbirth”.

Apparently, Beatie was born a woman named Tracy Lagondino. Later, she underwent breast reconstruction surgery and testosterone therapy to change her gender. And, since then he lived his life as a man. According to experts, if the uterus is not removed despite Beatie had genital surgery, she still can get pregnant as usual.

“I think this is not the desire of men or women to have children. This human need. My man and has the right to have a biological child,” Beatie said that once the finalists of Miss Hawaii Teen USA while still a woman.

With this phenomenon, many people are against it. People think, eventually, the baby will face confusion beati call father or mother. In addition, Josephine Quintavale of the campaign group Comment on Reproductive Ethics said the case is a distortion of biology. Like it or not, human biology for the men and women who have children are called father and mother.

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