Danger Sandal Pinch

Wearing flip-flops are chosen in part because of the practicality. Unfortunately, the experts concluded that wearing flip-flops in the long run is very risky for health.

Flip-flops are considered dangerous because toes can not be lifted to relax, and this leads to changes in greater pressure on the ankle and a smaller vertical pressure on the heel.

Damage to the feet wearing flip-flops are more serious than high heels. Experts warn that flip-flops can change the way a person walks, so when taking a step, they put pressure on the outside of the foot rather than the heel. Eventually cause long-term damage.

Flip-flops do not provide sufficient support for the foot, which can cause pain and arch tendon. In addition, there is also the risk of serious injury from tripping.

Not only that, the test results also show that the flip-flops is a nest of germs. Sandals worn for four days in a row will be a home to deadly bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, hiding in rubber sandals.

If you have wound around the legs, then the bacteria can enter the bloodstream. If not promptly treated, it can cause death.

“Staphylococcus aureus bacteria can make you sick if severe enough bacteria into the wound and into your bloodstream, where bacteria can attack any of your internal organs. If you do not treat it with antibiotics, your life will be threatened,” said Dennis Kinney ata , Ph.D., manager of the microbiology lab at EMSL Analytical.


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