Hand Washing vs. Hand Sanitizer

wash hands with soap has not been a tradition of Indonesian society. Evidently, in some restaurants, even easier to find a finger bowl of water rather than the sink.

“Only one of four Indonesian people who wash their hands with soap and running water,” said Amalia Sarah Santi as Senior Brand Manager of Lifebuoy, PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk.

This must change people’s habits. Washing hands with soap and running water is the most effective way to kill germs. But in the modern era, another alternative instead of hand washing, such as hand washing liquid or hand sanitizer, has not proven as effective as washing your hands with soap and water.

“The key is to wash your hands with running water. If you do not use a soap that is not too much trouble, because only by flowing water is enough to help reduce the level of bacteria and viral infections,” added dr. Tony S. Natakarman as Chairman of IDI Jakarta.

According to research from the London School of Hygiene, hand washing with soap prevents diarrhea proven to around 40-60 per cent. dr. Tony added that hand sanitizers may be used at times forced, like he’s on his way.


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