Cigarette Threat

If anyone is smoking next to you, get away. The negative effects of secondhand smoke for nonsmokers occur in a short time.

It only takes 20 minutes, exposure to tobacco smoke in enclosed spaces, such as bars or cars, are able to interfere with your breathing.

According to Panagiotis Behrakis of the University of Athens, people are exposed to secondhand smoke are immediate physiological changes that eventually lead to the airways in the lungs to narrow.

As a result, the body is difficult to take in oxygen and oxygen intake in the body disturbed.

“Non-smokers are forced to inhale cigarette smoke and then an extreme amount directly into their lungs. Findings tell us that a brief exposure to secondhand smoke is harmful to normal airway,” said Dr.. Behrakis, reported by Dailymail (29/10).

Other findings in the last month by researchers at Northumbria University also revealed other risks that threaten the passive smokers. Non-smokers who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke exposure are also at risk of memory impairment or dementia.


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