6 Prohibition In Hair Care

Do not use moisturizer on the scalp
Some of the condition of the hair, particularly dry and brittle moisturizer needed help to make it more healthy. However, especially for owners of oily scalp, use a moisturizer on your scalp can actually cause problems.

The scalp will become oily and cause dandruff bepotensi due to excessive moisture. If you need a moisturizer, just use the ends of the hair and rinse thoroughly.

Do not choose the wrong comb
Other types of hair, different combs are used. Forms combs are designed to meet the needs of different hair owners. If you choose the wrong form of combs, hair breakage and possible loss will be even greater.

Large comb as suitable for long and thick hair. While owners should choose a comb brittle hair with natural materials such as wood comb with a soft cushion. For maximum styling, short hair owners can choose a small comb or comb flat round with a small diameter.

Do not comb your hair too strong
Combing hair is too strong will only make it fall out. Use your hands to comb through tangled hair. Hands can feel risky and stop when hair loss at the time trimmed. Apart slowly by hand. After starting regularly, rapihkan with a comb.

Do not rub your hair with towel
Rubbing with a towel after shampooing hair can make the hair brittle. Wet hair is much more fragile than dry hair. Strong rubbing wet hair can successfully make your hair brittle and fall out.

In addition, layers of natural hair is also under threat because swabs are too strong. The result was reduced hair’s natural luster. We recommend that you just press a towel to the wet hair until the water is absorbed.

Avoid styling damage
Menyasak hair, hair menguncir too hard and wore a variety of broken hair clip that make hair styling are a few examples that should be avoided.

Brittle hair roots will be easy if always under tight. In addition to the delicate hair follicles, blood flow to nourish the scalp was disrupted. As a result of hair loss was difficult to avoid.

Do not force yourself to styling your hair or ties with sasakan hard every day. Give hair time to rest and recover freshness every day. Try to look for alternatives hairstyle that does not necessarily focus on one section of hair the same every day. It can make the hair to rest and recuperate.

Do not just choose styling tools
Dryer or hair straightener has an important role in maintaining healthy hair. Or dull hair loss can be due to the selection of the wrong tools. Choose heat-styling tool that can be customized or made from ceramic coating for a hair straightener. It is usually the price of the tool is a bit more expensive than ordinary tools.

But it could not hurt to invest more for the health of your hair is a crown. Especially if you use it often enough. Better tools can certainly last longer and produce a better styling.


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