Ferrari Grand Cherokee

Two Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is dedicated to the two Scuderia Ferrari F1 racer, namely Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa at the Fiorano circuit, Maranello, Italy, in February lalu.Tentu only, that the SUV matched the riders ride “pole”, and according to their image that carries the Ferrari brand, given the exterior to interior glaze made ​​cars like the Ferrari factory in Maranello.> Is the SRT (Street and Racing Technology) brand and Chrysler Group LLC Motorsport from the responsible spawned both Grand Cherokee SRT8’s.> Jeep collaborated with Maranello because Chrysler has a partial stake in Fiat, and Fiat has Ferrari.> Back to the car, the grille was given color ‘matte black’ to give the impression of more resilient. Meanwhile, the scent of a racing car is raised with a black stripe that ran from the front to the rear end, and sweetened with white lines.> In addition, there is a dual-panel sunroof, rearview protector of carbon fiber, the rear lights ‘gloss black’ and red accents the Jeep logo.> Pictures Italian flag decorate the rear spoiler as well as a tribute to Ferrari F150 Formula One car.> height drive Grand Cherokee SRT8 is trimmed 3.8 cm to give better aerodynamic effects. The forged aluminum 20-inch wheels black berkelir adds stability at high speeds, in addition to making it appear more aggressive.> The interior also got a touch. Exclusive leather berkelir ‘Ferrari red’ adorn the seats and door trim panels broke up, armrest and instrument panel of the house.> Steering wheel was wrapped in leather with accent stitching sweetened red thread. Meanwhile, the instrument panel is yellow like concoction Maranello GT cars.> The interesting thing is the engine capacity of 6.4 liter HEMI V8 is behind the hood. Mechanical heart has been equipped with the ‘fuel saver technology’ which allows four-cylinder non-active if you want to drive more efficient. > The claim maximum power up to 470 hp and torque of 630 Nm. Nothing wrong if Jeep also claims 0-96 kph raced only need 4.8 seconds. While the claimed top speed of 257 kph, while to stop the speed of 96 kph just need a distance of 35 meters.


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